"Manejar el hacer líquido de forma indisciplinada" with Mar Medina.

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"Manejar el hacer líquido de forma indisciplinada" relies on movement to interact with sound. It looks like a solo, but it is not. The intention is to inhabit a degree of horizontality where the movement of a body gives way to the movement of the objects that are in the space, letting this mutual affectation compose a sound environment. The only solid base of the work is the liquid.
Antic Teatre
Barcelona, 2017

"Si sabes lo que hay" with the Collado-Van Hoestenberghe Foundation

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"Si sabes lo que hay" is an attempt to think through movement the sense of the common. To do so, we propose a delirious and exhausting ritual that confronts us with what it means to be together. We have a presentiment that it will affect us.
Festival Grec, Festival Sismògraf and Fira de Tàrraga
Barcelona, 2016

"El Paraíso es un lugar tranquilo" with Juan Navarro

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Paradise is a corrupt word that can materialise in a geographical place for some, in a late model car for others or in a yoga class, each one doing what they can to alleviate the inevitable. On the opposite side of this non-place, there is fear, an emotional business that today is responsible for celebrating the confusion of this accelerated beginning of the century. "El Paraíso es un lugar tranquilo" is a decalogue of actions or stage speculations about the representation of fear.
Festival Grec 
Barcelona, 2014
The gerries by gerry with Paz Rojo

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"GERRY" was born in the heart of a film in 2002. After getting lost in a desert in Argentina, it was experimented during 2010 and 2012 in Girona, Barcelona, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, Vienna, Moscow, Stockholm and Brussels. During that time, Gerry has done nothing but babble bodies and maintain secret alliances with the inanimate. In addition to fattening himself with whatever is to come, he has also pacified capital muscles, allying himself with the sensible, in a war machine against synthesisation. Currently, he is determined to lead a "0" existence, which plays at making more zero or less zero (as it suits him).

La Casa Encendida 
Madrid, 2012 

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