Alphabet: a t(r)opographic action is a stage research that questions the ideologies and orders inscribed in the word. If our relationship with the world necessarily passes through language, Alphabet summons language as a space of estrangement and practices scenic writing as a paradoxical and deviant sign that mobilises the political possibilities of poetic invention as a disorder of language.

From a critical perspective that considers language as a marker of power, this performance proposes to organise "a foreign language", a particular and strange use of common signs that helps us to re-appropriate language as a space of experience and transformation of the subject. To articulate the research, we developed a working methodology based on space, a kind of "t(r)opographic action" that moves the "tropes" or figures of language to the "topoi" or places of space through the body, movement and action.

In order to move through the metaphors and analogies that organise the world, we start from the alphabet as a space of organisation and circulation of language, opening up a space of interrogation between things and words.

“Language exists from the beginning, in its raw, primitive being, in the simple, material form of a writing, of a stigma on things, of a mark spread over the world that forms part of its most indelible figures”
Words and Things, M. Foucault

This work was developed with the support of La Poderosa and Convent Zero.
La Poderosa: Ciclo In-prescindibles
Barcelona, 2017.

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